Kelly Wallace, violin instructor

At your lessons you will learn, step by step, the technique to play beautiful violin music! Each step in the process of learning the violin is meant to build upon the last, and although it takes time, the reward is well worth the perseverance! I like to make lessons fun by incorporating games and fun challenges throughout the learning process, especially with younger students.

Although I like to make lessons fun and enjoyable, I am very serious about making sure my students are learning to avoid poor habits that are often very difficult to break. It is much better, and my goal in teaching, to build a strong foundation from the very beginning.

The exercises and learning sequences I teach are calculated to allow for proper posture, good intonation and a beautiful tone as well as other abilities such as improving concentration and building confidence.

It is important to remember each student will progress at his or her own pace but a nurturing environment, both at the lessons and in the home, will make a positive difference in the student's progress. With practice, playing the violin becomes easier and easier and so enjoyable!

I invite you to join my studio and begin your journey toward accomplishment and playing beautiful music!

at your lesson
The benefits of lessons

Besides learning to play the violin beautifully, taking lessons with the Suzuki method can nurture many physical, academic and life skills such as:
*Increased concentration and focus
*Self discipline
*Self confidence
*Sense of accomplishment
*Respect and manners
*Listening skills
*Coordination, balance
*Problem solving skills
*Pitch awareness
*Learn to read music notation and rhythm

...and much more!

Enjoy learning to play the violin - at any age!

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